Violin Lessons

Looking for beginner violin lessons?

We offer a range of beginner violin lessons through advanced violin lessons, both on-site serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey, or online via Zoom.


The violin is a highly versatile string instrument often taking a prominent part in orchestral and folk music, as well as in a variety of other musical genres. 

Beginning violinists not only learn the proper positioning, posture and bowing techniques to play their violins, they have fun learning to play basic songs within only a few lessons! As our violin students begin to master their instruments, they explore a wider range of popular and classical literature.

Our violin instructors are highly trained virtuosi performers and experienced, caring teachers who are dedicated to helping their students achieve success. They not only guide their student-violinists in learning the basics of rhythm, timing and tone, they take care to enable their students to flourish and become confident in developing their unique playing styles.


Learning how to play the violin offers many different benefits to students of any age, such as improving coordination and memory as well as providing a creative outlet. Since violin is commonplace in many different music genres including classical, folk, pop, country, jazz and rock, violinists are able to broaden their horizons as they immerse themselves in various styles of music.

Offered as one-on-one private lessons to students as early as age 4, violin lessons help our youngest students realize a great sense of accomplishment as they learn and grow. As our violinists continue to study, they develop the dexterity necessary to finger the proper notes as they pluck or bow the corresponding strings. As a bonus benefit, the bowing techniques learned in playing violin are easily translated to learning other string instruments such as the viola, cello and double bass!

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Advanced VIOLIN lessons for students of all ages!

Our advanced students explore many bowing techniques including legato, détaché, tenuto, potato, staccato, as well as plucking techniques such as pizzicato, while learning more complicated pieces to add to their repertoire. Our instructors help our more advanced violin students in furthering their studies in theory and musicianship, honing their fingering and bowing skills, and preparing for auditions or performances.

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Join your younger children as they learn to play the violin!

Young musicians ages 4-7 learn to play the violin through listening, imitation and repetition, as well as learning to read music, in The Ridgewood Conservatory’s unique approach to the Suzuki method. In the Suzuki-plus! Violin Program, parents attend both weekly private lessons and group classes with their child, and practice the violin with them at home every day, to provide loving encouragement and support.

Violin lessons are available in all genres, including classical, folk, pop, country, jazz and rock.

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Violin lessons available for students age 4 – adult.