Timpani Lessons

Looking for beginner timpani lessons?

We offer a range of beginner timpani lessons through advanced timpani lessons, both on-site serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey, or online via Zoom.


Belonging to the Percussion family, timpani (aka kettledrums) have a wide, dynamic range of sounds and are used to support rhythm, add melody and color, and enhance harmony.  Originally used as military drums, timpani have long been a staple of the classical orchestra. Today, they are also used in many types of ensembles, including concert bands and marching bands, as well as in some pop and rock music.

Beginner timpani students learn the proper way to grip the mallets, where to strike the mallets on the timpani and how to read musical notation. As our timpani students begin to master their instruments, they explore a wider range of popular and classical literature.

Our timpani instructors are highly trained professional performers and experienced, caring teachers who are dedicated to helping their students achieve success. They not only guide their student-timpanists in learning the basics of rhythm, timing and pitch, they take care to enable their students to flourish and become confident in developing their unique playing styles.


There are many benefits in learning to play the timpani. Studying the timpani gives students a strong foundation in rhythm, pitch and harmony. Students who take timpani lessons find that their coordination and memory are greatly improved. Our student timpanists also report that playing timpani helps boost academic performance, particularly in mathematics. 

Offered as one-on-one private instruction, timpani lessons help our youngest students realize a great sense of accomplishment as they learn and grow. As our timpani players continue to study, they develop the strength, dexterity and independence of hands necessary to play their instrument. As a bonus benefit, many of the skills and techniques learned in playing timpani can be translated to learning other percussion instruments such as drums, marimba and xylophone as well as glockenspiel, chimes and bells.

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Advanced TIMPANI lessons for students of all ages!

As the timpani is an instrument that is used in a variety of genres, our advanced timpani students hone in on the sensitivity needed to suit a piece’s tempo and feel. They learn how to create vibrations as naturally as possible as well as learn how and when to appropriately tune the timpani. Advanced lessons also focus on complex music theory, preparation for an audition or performance, and playing in a group.

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Ask us about studying other Percussion instruments at The Ridgewood Conservatory

Many timpani players learn to play other members of the Percussion family to broaden their musical repertoire, expand their range, or simply to explore new possibilities. The Ridgewood Conservatory offers private instruction on a variety of other percussion instruments, including drums, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, chimes and bells.

Timpani lessons are available in many genres, including classical, pop and rock.

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Timpani lessons available for students age 8 – adult.