Drum Lessons

Looking for beginner drum lessons?

We offer a range of beginner drum lessons through advanced saxophone lessons, both on-site serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey, or online via Zoom.


Drums are the world’s oldest and most universal musical instruments. While drums are an integral part of orchestral music and concert, marching and stage bands, the variety of drums and drumming styles span from more contemporary rock, metal and punk to pop, jazz, blues, African, Latin and reggae…making drums a great percussion instrument for students to learn!

In just a few lessons, our drum students begin building their skills in properly gripping the drumsticks, playing technique, rudiments, and reading musical notation. They may also learn to play the glockenspiel, chimes and bells.

Our percussion instructors are highly trained professional drummers and warm, caring teachers dedicated to helping their students achieve success. They not only help students learn the basics of rhythm, timing and technique, they also take care to allow students to flourish as musicians and become confident in developing their unique playing styles.


Playing the drums comes with many benefits! Studying the drums gives students a strong foundation in building a constant sense of rhythm and creating dynamics. Students who take drum lessons find that their coordination and memory are greatly improved. Learning drums also boosts academic performance, particularly in mathematics.

The study of drums may include drumkit (snare, bass, tom-toms, floor tom, high-hat and cymbals), bongos, djembe, conga, etc. Since the drums are so commonplace in many different musical genres, drummers are able to broaden their horizons as they immerse themselves in various styles of music.

Offered as one-on-one private lessons, drum lessons help our youngest students realize a great sense of accomplishment as they learn and grow. As our drummers continue to study, they develop the strength, dexterity and independence of hands and feet necessary to play their instrument(s). As a bonus benefit, many of the skills and techniques learned in playing drums are easily translated to learning other percussion instruments such as the xylophone, marimba and timpani. 

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Advanced drum lessons for students of all ages!

Our advanced students explore many different drumming techniques, and focus on learning dynamics and complex rhythms, while learning more complicated pieces and/or new genres to add to their repertoire. Our instructors help our more advanced drum students in furthering their studies in theory and musicianship, preparing for an audition or performance, playing within a group, soloing, and improvisation.

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Ask us about studying other Percussion instruments at The Ridgewood Conservatory

Many drummers learn to play other members of the Percussion family to broaden their musical repertoire, expand their range, or simply to explore new possibilities. The Ridgewood Conservatory offers private instruction on a variety of other Percussion instruments, including xylophone, marimba, and timpani. 

Drums lessons are available in all genres, including classical, jazz, blues, rock, pop, Latin, African and reggae.

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Drum lessons available for students age 8 – adult.