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Looking for beginner tuba lessons?

We offer a range of beginner tuba lessons through advanced tuba lessons, both on-site serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey, or online via Zoom.


The tuba is the lowest-pitched instrument in the brass family. Available in different finishes and tuned to different pitches, there are concert tubas, marching band and jazz ensemble tubas, as well as tubas with bells pointed upward, backward and frontward. Extremely important in supporting an ensemble or orchestra through baselines and keeping the rhythm, the tuba is a great instrument to learn how to play! 

In addition to developing the embouchure and learning scales and fingering, beginner tuba players learn correct diaphragmatic breathing technique, and proper posture, all while learning several easy songs within a few lessons!

Dedicated to helping their students achieve success, our tuba instructors are highly trained professional performers and experienced, caring teachers. They not only guide their student-tubaists in learning the basics of rhythm, timing and tone, they provide the right environment to enable their students to grow as musicians.


There are many advantages to studying tuba. Playing the tuba increases great lung capacity, strengthens the diaphragm and core muscles, and helps develop proper posture. Learning to play the tuba also allows for creative expression and builds self-confidence, develops better memory retention and improved coordination.

Our younger tuba students often see their academic performance improve in mathematics, logical reasoning, and creative thinking. As they progress, our tuba students learn the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, ear training and music theory.

The tuba’s role is to support the ensemble with a powerfully resonant baseline, making it the perfect choice for students who enjoy performing with other musicians. Playing tuba is great for those interested in joining a marching band, jazz band, or local orchestra.

A powerful and dynamic instrument, the tuba offers students of all ages a strong foundation in music. As an added benefit, the techniques learned in playing tuba can help students to learn other brass instruments such as the euphonium, trumpet, flugelhorn, trombone, french horn and baritone horn.

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Advanced tuba lessons for students of all ages!

Our more advanced tuba students work toward expanding their technique, range and lung capacity. Advanced study focuses on improving buzzing, tone and air flow, lip slurs, as well as developing increased tonguing and finger coordination and studying the many extended techniques of playing tuba. As they progress, many explore the various literature available for tuba in different genres. Our instructors also help prepare their tuba students for auditions and performances, playing within a group or solo, and bolster their understanding of music theory.

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Ask us about studying other Brass instruments at The Ridgewood Conservatory

Many tuba players learn to play other members of the Brass family to broaden their musical repertoire, expand their range, or simply to explore new possibilities. The Ridgewood Conservatory offers private instruction on a variety of other Brass instruments, including trumpet, trombone, French horn, euphonium, baritone horn and flugelhorn.

Tuba lessons are available in many genres, including classical, jazz and pop.

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Tuba lessons available for students age 8 – adult.