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Looking for beginner trombone lessons?

We offer a range of beginner trombone lessons through advanced trombone lessons, both on-site serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey, or online via Zoom.


The trombone is different than other members of the brass family in that it uses a metal slide to change the sounds instead of valves, enabling the trombone to have the greatest note range. Its sound can vary from brassy and brilliant to soft and round, and is said to be the instrument that most closely resembles the range of the human voice. Although it is commonly associated with jazz, big band and classical music,  the trombone can be used in a wide variety of musical genres, including rock and pop. 

From deep tones to beautiful harmonies, the trombone is a favorite choice of student musicians because of its versatile nature. Beginner trombone players learn the proper embouchure and posture, correct diaphragmatic breathing techniques, basic scales and how to read music – all while having fun learning simple songs.

Our trombone instructors offer one-on-one lessons custom-tailored to focus on the musical style(s) which most appeals to the student. Highly trained performers with outstanding professional and educational credentials, our experienced instructors help our trombone students grow in their musicianship.


Our beginner lessons help students develop the dexterity and coordination skills necessary to playing the double bass. Our younger double bass students often see their academic performance improve in mathematics, logical reasoning, and creative thinking. In addition to learning the basics of playing the bass, our students learn the fundamentals of sight reading, technique, ear training and music theory. 

A wonderfully dynamic and versatile instrument, the trombone offers students of any age a strong foundation for understanding and appreciating all genres of music. In fact, professional trombonists are often in demand because the trombone is an integral part of so many different kinds of musical styles.

As our trombone students continue to study, they develop increased range and dynamics. Because the trombone can play a wide range of music, our students often choose to explore a variety of musical styles. As an added benefit, many of the skills learned in playing trombone can be translated to learning other brass instruments such as the euphonium, trumpet, flugelhorn, baritone horn, french horn and tuba.

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Advanced TROMBONE lessons for students of all ages!

Advanced trombone students focus on the seven chromatic slide positions, learning to tighten and loosen the lips to “bend” the note up or down, partials and intonation, pedal tones, producing glissando and trills, and the use of various mutes. They may also become familiar with the different techniques employed by the many genres in which the trombone is used. Our instructors also help prepare their students for upcoming auditions and performances, playing within a group or solo, and bolster understanding of music theory.
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Ask us about studying other Brass instruments at The Ridgewood Conservatory

Many trombonists learn to play other members of the Brass family to broaden their musical repertoire, expand their range, or simply to explore new possibilities. The Ridgewood Conservatory offers private instruction on a variety of other Brass instruments, including including trumpet, French horn, tuba, euphonium, baritone horn and flugelhorn.

Trombone lessons are available in many genres, including classical, jazz, pop and rock.

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Trombone lessons available for students age 8 – adult.