Special Summer Programs!

Join us this summer for unique programs designed to fit around your vacation schedule…

. EXPLORE INSTRUMENT or VOICE LESSONS in our ‘Try An Instrument’ program during the summer.

. IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE LEVEL with private Instrument, Voice, or Acting lessons.
  Enroll for as many (or as few) lessons as you like during the summer. You can always add more!
   And take advantage of our SUMMER SPECIAL … Buy 9 Summer Lessons – Get One Free!

. START YOUR YOUNGER CHILDREN ON THEIR MUSICAL JOURNEY with our Music Together, Rhythm Kids or Suzuki-plus! violin programs!

Enroll for as many (or as few) lessons as you like during the summer. You can always add more!

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Try-An-Instrument-headerTry An Instrument

“Try an instrument on for size” before taking private lessons or starting a school music program! Children, teens and adults can get a jump start in learning to play an instrument or sing in three 30-minute lessons offered on consecutive days.

Our special summer Try An Instrument program is a great way to find out if a younger child is ready for private study, or for anyone to explore different instruments or different vocal styles before choosing one to study.

Instrumental MusicInstrumental Music

A three-part approach to the study of music, The Ridgewood Conservatory’s Music Preparatory Program provides the student musician with a sound foundation as well as multi-faceted performance experience:

Tailored to meet the individual needs and talents of the student, Private Instrument Instruction enables each student to progress at his or her own rate.

The study of Theory and Musicianship provides the framework necessary for the understanding and performance of music.

Ongoing participation in an Ensemble serves to broaden the scope of performance beyond that of private study.



Vocal Music and Acting

Taught by highly qualified performing professionals, The Ridgewood Conservatory’s Vocal Music and Acting Program offers a complete singing and acting education, combining professional performance practices with the literature and materials of music and the stage.

Our instructors provide their students with the necessary techniques to enhance their performances, teaching our vocal students to “act the song” and our acting students how to use their voices.

Our vocal music curriculum is designed to provide a full range of performance training in the classical, musical theater and popular crossover vocal mediums, including opera, oratorio, pop, rock, jazz, R&B, gospel and country.


Early Music Program

Early Childhood Music

Our youngest students realize their musical potential by learning by exploring their natural affinity for music during the summer in our Music Together classes.

The curriculum used for our program includes developmentally appropriate activities to keep your child engaged while learning about life through music. Summer class schedules (six classes) are offered on Saturdays.

Every parent knows that early childhood is a remarkable period of growth and development. We believe it is also the perfect time to start your child’s musical education.


Rhythm KidsRhythm Kids

An extension of the Music Together curriculum, Rhythm Kids is an exciting music, movement and drumming program for ages 4-8.

Designed to help children develop their rhythm skills and gain a deep level of musical understanding, this exciting drumming and jamming program is offered on Saturdays during the summer.

Your child will sign, move and drum to songs from around the world while developing greater musicality.



Instrumental MusicSuzuki-plus!

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki’s theory was that, with the right environment, teachers and supportive parents, every child can succeed in learning music. Young musicians learn to play the violin through listening, imitation and repetition, as well as learning to read music, in our Ridgewood Conservatory approach to the Suzuki method. In the Suzuki-plus! Violin Program, parents attend both weekly private lessons and group classes with their child, and practice the violin with them at home every day, to provide loving encouragement and support.

Beyond creating future musicians, Dr. Suzuki’s goal was to nurture loving human beings and help develop each child’s character through the study of music. Our Suzuki program was designed to create the best environment to foster your child’s talents, self-expression and love of music.


The Rock ShopThe Rock Shop

The ROCK SHOP at TRC brings you an outrageous blend of outstanding pro rockers and cool new ways to rock out!

A division of The Ridgewood Conservatory, The ROCK SHOP was created for students (young or old) who want to play the rock ‘n roll music they download and enjoy.

Our goal is to help students master their instruments or vocals, write songs in a rock style of their choosing and develop their own sound, while learning the fundamentals of true musicianship.