Are You Ready to Rock?

TRC’s Rock division, The Rock Shop, was created for people who want to play the rock ‘n roll they love.

Our goal is to help students master their instruments or the mic, write songs in a their own rock style and develop their own sound, while learning the fundamentals of musicianship.



We’re now offering both online and on-site Rock instruction!


Learn from a Pro!

One-on-One Rockology gives students of all levels the opportunity to take private lessons from a pro in rock, blues or funk. Our Rock Shop band has spent decades getting that perfect sound—now they’ll teach you how to get it. Hone your skills on guitar, bass, drums or your pipes. If you want to do more than jam, our songwriting coaches can show you how to write smooth lyrics, guitar chords on the staff or with tabs and signature beats. We’ll show you how to rock!

One-on-One Rockology
Summer ’22: 6/27 – 9/3/22
Fall ’22: 9/5/22 – 1/28/23
Spring ’23: 1/30 – 6/24/23

30-minute lessons
Fall/Spring: $1169.00/semester
Summer: 49.25/lesson

45-minute lessons
Fall/Spring: $1736.00/semester
Summer: 73.85/lesson

60-minute lessons
Fall/Spring: $2303.00/semester
Summer: 98.50/lesson



Bring Us Your Band – Or Join One of Ours!

Bandology 101 is designed to enable band members to fine-tune their sound by learning from a pro. Bands can choose to split their time between songwriting and rehearsal, or they can devote their time entirely to rehearsal – performing in a live concert at the end of the course. Students may bring their own band, or join one of ours. Rock Groups for Adults give ‘part-time musicians’ the chance to learn what it takes to be a part of a rock band by exploring a variety of playing techniques and styles. Students may enroll with their own band or join one of our groups, coached by one of our pro’s towards a live concert. Vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums, and horns at all levels invited.

Bandology 101
Fall/Spring: 10 x 2hr workshops
$499 / person + $25 materials fee
(8 x 2hr workshops in Summer:
$399 / person + $25 materials fee)

Rock Groups for Adults
Fall/Spring: 12 x 1hr workshops
$299 / person + $25 materials fee


Let Us Make Your Video!

The Rock Shop’s Recorded Live Show Package was created for bands that need a professional-looking video to post online or use as a demo to get gigs. Bands will get eight hours of rehearsal under the guidance of our Rock Shop coaches to help create the right sound and improve overall performance – ending with a professionally videotaped live show!

Recorded Live Show Package
8 hrs of rehearsal + Live Show
$1199 per Live Show