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Looking for beginner oboe lessons?

We offer a range of beginner oboe lessons through advanced oboe lessons, both on-site serving Bergen County and Northern New Jersey, or online via Zoom.


Like the bassoon, the oboe is a double-reed member of the Woodwind family, but it produces a brighter, clearer and more penetrative sound than the bassoon. The oboe is commonly used as the solo or orchestral instrument in symphony orchestras, concert bands and chamber ensembles, as well as in some genres of folk music, jazz, rock and pop.

The oboe is often considered to be a more challenging instrument for beginners because it takes a fair amount of air pressure to produce a good sound. Our beginner oboe students learn how to master making a sound through correct embouchure and tone production, in addition to learning fingerings and note recognition. As our oboe students begin to master their instruments, they explore a wider range of literature and musical styles.

Our oboe instructors are highly trained virtuosi performers and experienced, caring teachers dedicated to helping their students achieve success. They guide their student-oboists in learning the basics of rhythm, timing and tone, while custom-tailoring instruction to the individual student.


Learning how to play the oboe offers many different benefits. Studies show that learning the oboe improves hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and memory, as well as developing increased lung capacity.

The oboe is used in most orchestras, wind ensembles and chamber ensembles, as well as in jazz, folk, rock, pop and contemporary groups — providing student-musicians with a wide range of performance opportunities.

Offered as one-on-one private instruction, oboe lessons help our younger students to develop a sense of accomplishment as they learn and grow. As our oboists continue to study, they develop the fine-motor skills and breath control necessary to master the instrument. As a bonus benefit, the techniques learned in playing oboe are easily translated to learning other woodwind instruments such as the saxophone, clarinet, flute, english horn, bassoon, piccolo and recorder.

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Advanced OBOE lessons for students of all ages!

Our advanced oboe students learn how to make their own reeds. The work toward refining their artistry as they master more difficult pieces and explore different genres to add to their repertoire. Our instructors help their advanced students by teaching them more complex music theory, improvisation and composition, and they coach them in preparing for auditions or performances, playing within a group and performing as solo artists.

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Ask us about studying other Woodwind instruments at The Ridgewood Conservatory

Many oboists learn to play other members of the Woodwind family to broaden their musical repertoire, expand their range, or simply to explore new possibilities. The Ridgewood Conservatory offers private instruction on a variety of other Woodwind instruments, including clarinet, saxophone, flute, bassoon, english horn, piccolo, and recorder.

Oboe lessons are available in many genres, including classical, folk, jazz, pop and rock.

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Oboe lessons available for students age 8 – adult.