Misc Suzuki-plus! testimonial

The Suzuki-plus! program offers parents exciting new avenues for bonding with their children through music. What could be more rewarding than that?

Misc Rhythm Kids testimonial

How exciting! The wonderful rhythms taught in class are from all around the globe – Ghana, Puerto Rico, Morocco, Mali, Guinea, Columbia, Senegal and Nigeria and more!


The music is delightful and the activities are fun for both the kids and the grownups!

Mylah Herget ballet/tap quote

 My daughter’s teacher not only shares her considerable expertise in both ballet and tap with her pre-schoolers, she integrates play with technique to make each class fun!
Moreover, she takes the time to provide feedback to the parents after each session!

Mylah Herget

Early Music pre-school quote

My five-year old adores her music classes, and she can’t wait to start taking piano lessons now that she is learning to read music!

Misc Early Music baby-todd quote

Your classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers gave us the tools we needed to incorporate music into our children’s lives every day! And, we had such a great time sharing the experience.

Misc Hip-Hop testimonial

Is there anything cooler than learning hip-hop from a well-known pro? TRC’s instructors can do it all – from break dancing, locking and popping to ‘new style’ jerkin’ and krumping!

Misc ballet testimonial

We consider ourselves to be so fortunate to find highly trained, professional ballerinas to teach our daughters to dance with warmth and compassion instead of scolding and harsh criticism.

Diane Moritz music school testimonial

There is truly no other music school like The Ridgewood Conservatory! Others claim to be conservatories, but they really only concentrate on piano or violin. The Ridgewood Conservatory cares about providing the best possible instruction on ALL instruments.

Diane Moritz

Joanna Jaroszkiewicz pre-ballet quote

 An amazing faculty of excellent, charismatic and dedicated dance teachers.
Thank you for providing my daughter with such a great opportunity to fall in love with dance!

Joanna Jaroszkiewicz

Mary Ferrara voice/acting quote

 Not only did TRC’s voice/acting teachers teach my daughter how to sing beautifully, they also taught her how to be professional and to always think positively.
   Throughout the seven years that my daughter has been studying at The Conservatory, her teachers have been extremely nurturing, and always available for extra help and advice.

Mary Ferrara

Debbie Brusey testimonial

Our children have been at The Ridgewood Conservatory for over six years, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with their musical progress and the professionalism with which they are taught. The Conservatory has become more than just a one-stop music and arts educational facility; it has become a harmonious extension of our home and family.

Debbie and Colin Brusey

Terrence Harkins testimonial

The caliber of musical instruction we’ve received at The Ridgewood Conservatory, for our precious young musicians during the last ten years, has surpassed all our expectations.

Terrence Harkins

Carol Pagliuco testimonial

The Ridgewood Conservatory is more than just individual music lessons; it’s a caring community of dedicated, accomplished musical mentors.

Carol Pagliuco