Imagination Summer Vacation Comes to a Close

What a great Imagination Summer Vacation Showcase Performance we had on August 28th!

Lou Caimano boasted that his ‘Imagination Improvisation Jazz Ensemble’ members amazed him with how quickly they learned to improvise (on six tunes!)…and played even better on stage than they had ever done before!

Both ‘Sing it All!’ coaches, Alyssa Ronco (Broadway) and Nikki Armstrong (Pop/Rock), were bursting with pride as their singers delighted the audience with beautiful ballads, classic rock and contemporary pop tunes.

And, according to vocal/acting coach Alyssa Ronco, the ‘FROZEN in Summer!’ girls were so well-prepared on the very first day that they were able to rehearse, stage and act around all of the tunes from “Frozen” in just two short weeks.

It was an incredible night and a lovely end to our summer vacation….